How to Enhance Your Business

Our 5-Minute Mold Test is the quickest and most accurate, on-site mold test on the market. It allows you to provide an additional valuable service on-site, identify potential unhealthful mold issues and receive immediate payment for that service. No delay waiting for lab results. IAQ Pro affiliates receive a significant discount for all tests and supplies and can offer the on-site testing and supplies as an optional premium service. Should there be a need for a laboratory analysis after a positive result; our optional highly-competitive lab testing service provides another benefit source for our affiliate partners.

Elite IAQ Pro members receive special lab pricing and priority consultation services.

As sales of our Healthful Home 5-Minute Mold Tests grow through retail outlets nationwide, the volume of referral leads available only to our affiliates will grow as well.

Business Opportunities

Our affiliates can enhance their business in a number of ways.

1. Discounts on Products and Services:

We offer our unique tests and disinfectants at affiliate-discounted prices so an IAQ Pro can increase their margin business while still offering supplies and services to clients at competitive pricing. Again, there is no waiting and no lab fee that the customer must incur; all the mold test servicing is in real time. That “Free-Estimate” service call can present opportunities for optional on-site rapid mold test service to a client to establish the extent of an infestation. Such service may mean the difference between a successful contract and a lost opportunity. Imagine if your competitor can offer this service and your business can’t!n the opportunity to service the lead. We do the advertising and our affiliates reap the benefits of that effort.

2. Generate Immediate Referrals:

If the 5-Minute Mold Test is positive for the client who request assistance, that mold inspector or other professional who receives the lead has preferred status, no convincing clients of the need for action or shopping for contractors. The 5-Minute Mold Test Kit eliminates lag time between lab analysis results and a contract getting signed. If it is a spot mold infestation, we also offer an all-natural solution to kill the mold, a proven solution with significant residual killing/cleaning action. No bleach, no harmful or odorous solvent and completely pet and child safe. The product can be offered as a service that can be rendered on the spot or sold directly to consumers.

3. Extensive Digital Marketing:

Leads are garnered with a leading digital marketing leader whose relationships gives us the opportunity to list our service in the top rankings in local search engines all across the United States. A qualified lead is then routed to local affiliates within our network who are given the opportunity to service the lead. We do the advertising and our affiliates reap the benefits of that effort.

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