Mold Test and Disinfecting Products


5 Minute Mold Test

The most accurate mold test on the market to determine if there is an unhealthful mold issue at hand. The 5-Minute Mold Test detects the mold types MOST associated with water-intrusion events, not common background molds such as Cladosporium. Utilizing lateral-flow immunoassays and patented-technology licensed from the U.S. Center for Disease Control, our 5-Minute Mold Test receives more 5-Star reviews than any other DIY mold test on the market.

Regular retail price:  $44.99

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NON-TOXIC Mold & Bacteria Disinfecting Cleaner

This product is an environmentally-safe mold disinfectant and cleaner that keeps on killing long after it has been applied. IAQ Pro Mold & Bacteria Cleaner does not use bleach, chlorine or any other harmful ingredients. Just spray, wait a minute and wipe clean. For extended protection, spray and allow to dry.  Safe on any surface. It’s simple and completely effective, tested, tried and true.

Regular retail price:  $252.89 for convenient case of 12 – 24-oz spray bottle

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Healthful Home “Fog U Mold” Aerosol is a highly effective and scientifically advanced natural, enzyme-based solution used to attack mold and bacteria and mildew odors. A do-it-yourself mold and bacteria fogger designed to clean countless microscopic particles in the air and penetrate porous surfaces, cracks and crevices to reach hidden contamination. This method of application allows treatment of impossible to reach areas such as ventilation systems where mold can breed and grow. Because “Fog U Mold” works catalytically, it has residual effectiveness offering prolonged protection that chemicals and other products cannot. Flurocarbon-free, Chlorine-free, environmentally-responsible, non-toxic, non-corrosive..

Regular retail price: $ 241.89 for a case of 12 – 7 oz. cans, One can will treat an average 10′ x 10′ area

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AssuredBio Lab Analysis

Full range of lab analysis including our proprietary mTrap, a unique air sampling cassette developed specifically for the rapid capture and analysis of airborne mold spores using state-of-the-art DNA analysis. It embodies the next generation of capture technology for residential and occupation mold exposure assessment. The mTrap excels where spore trap and agar impaction falls short — spore capture efficiency and turnaround time.


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