home_talk_logo-new01Alexeter Technologies announced at the 2014 National hardware Show in Las Vegas that they have signed on as a new proud sponsor HomeTalk USA, one of America’s leading talk radio shows focused on DIY products and hosted by Michael King, otherwise known as the Canjun Contractor.   Alexeter’s General Manager, Jim Whelan, sees “HomeTalk USA as a perfect venue to help introduce our Healthful Home and IAQ Pro 5-Minute Mold Test and all-natural Mold and Bacteria Cleaners to the public”.  Michael King was named the #1 talkshow host for 2011 and his “HomeTalk USA” and “Built in the USA” are considered two of the top syndicated radio shows focused on professional and DIY home products.

22 March 2014 (Wheeling, IL) – Alexeter Technologies LLC has announced the launch of their IAQ Pro® Professional Affiliate Network. Developed to bring together certified professionals across the spectrum from the indoor air quality service sector, the IAQ Pro affiliate Network includes home and mold inspectors, disaster clean-up & remediation specialists and industrial hygiene professionals. Linked to Alexeter’s Healthful Home™ brand of DIY testing and remediation consumer products, the IAQ Pro network will serve both as a technical resource and professional referral service to connect the Healthful Home consumers with IAQ professional service providers. The IAQ Pro® membership and referral network affiliation will serve as a mark of quality for the consumer.
Company Information: Alexeter Technologies LLC, located in Wheeling, Illinois, designs, manufactures and markets innovative technologies for detection of biological threats in the environment. After the “anthrax attacks” of 2001, Alexeter was instrumental in supplying emergency responders both in the U.S. and across the world with rapid detection and identification tools for biological warfare threats. Now utilized in over 45 countries worldwide, our line of Bio-Detect™ products have been recognized as the pace-setter in rugged, reliable and proven bio-threat defense systems. With the launch of the IAQ Pro and Healthful Home lines of rapid mold detection kits, Alexeter enters the consumer marketplace and continues along our goal of providing innovative technologies to promote healthful living environments. All of our products are proudly made in the U.S.A.