About IAQ Pro® Now is a division of Alexeter Technologies whose client list includes hundreds of federal and state governmental agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, the DoD, the EPA and many other emergency and security entities. Originally founded to provide high-quality biological field-test kits to our nation’s homeland defense responders, Alexeter’s expansion into the indoor air quality marketplace is a natural progression for our biological detection and decontamination products. Our experience in providing reliable and cost-effective test solutions for employment by non-technical users is an ideal fit for the independent contractor, hygienist, inspector or remediation specialist..

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IAQ Pro® Now has a lead generation network that provides our affiliate partners city-targeted and qualified leads on a regular basis, discounts on proprietary products, easy to interpret lab analysis and professional consultation for you and your clients. Our toll-free support can be employed as an extension of your own business. No longer do you have to be concerned about providing the technical know-how and expertise your clients require and deserve. The IAQ Pro® Now affiliate service is there to provide a level of service never-before offered. Apply to join our referral network and build your business with us!

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Earn Extra Income While Protecting Your Clients

There are several ways our network affiliates make money. In addition to call-ins and email leads from our search listings, we carry a line of products designed to increase your bottom line. Our mold test and all-natural cleaning products can be offered as a service by the affiliate as an add-on to your existing services, or affiliates can take advantage of our affiliate discounts by selling product directly to your clients.   Our 5-Minute Mold Test is unique in the industry.  Currently retailing at costs of $45 or more online, our customers understand the built-in value of an accurate mold test that provides immediate results rather than the old-fashioned culture dish type kit that requires upwards of two weeks for lab results. Our all-natural mold cleaning products provide safe, effective and long-lasting mold disinfection.  Our cutting edge technologies can help distinguish your business and give you the added edge needed in a highly competitive marketplace.

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We have the referrals from our test kit sales in over 3,000 retail locations nationwide…We Need Qualified Inspectors & Remediators!!!


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